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toy top

Rotational Kinematics (PPT / PPTX)

tuning fork

Acoustics (PPT / PPTX)


Electricity (PPT / PPTX)


Optics (PPT / PPTX)


Magnetism (PPT / PPTX)

statue of Isaac Newton

Newton and Kepler (PPT / PPTX)

mass-spring system

Harmonic Oscillator (PPT / PPTX)

tensor notation

Tensor Notation (PPT / PPTX)

helium atom

Quantum Mechanics (PPT / PPTX)

About Me

I graduated with an M.S in physics from the Technische Universität Berlin. The nine PowerPoint slide shows are meant to be an introduction to physics. It's mostly high school level with a little bit of more advanced material.

Maureen Moore 2006

Maureen Moore, 2006

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